Friday, April 25, 2008

Research Needs

The 1979 Yearbook history of the work in Canada mentions a Thomas Baker. It says (pp 78-79) that he published a booklet to explain his withdrawl from his previous church. I need a good photocopy of this. Anyone out there have one? Any photos of Thomas Baker?

A letter from "Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses" dated 06/11 says they do not own a copy of the booklet. I still need this. Anyone???

There were two advertising tracts for Day Dawn. Both reprinted chapters from the book. I need a clear photocopy of each.

The other material noted in a pervious post is still of interest. I've located von Zech's 1885 tract published by the Watch Tower. I can't afford the copy fees. Anyone out there want to split the fee? 20 dollars plus ten cents a page. The tract is in German.

As an update on other research requests:

I no longer need Vol 2 and 4 of World's Hope. I still need vol 1, 3, 5-8.

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