Friday, January 9, 2009

H. W. Deming

H. W. Deming, 1939

Not Demming as one issue of Zion's Watch Tower says, but Deming. He was the first known Watch Tower recognized colporteur. He has been ignored in various Watchtower histories because he associated with one of the breakaway groups after 1918.

From a 1939 Bible Student Convention report:

Brother H. W. Deming, of Ada, Ohio, in which he told of many of his early experiences in the harvest work.

And Brother Deming was well qualified for the assignment given him on the program because he was the very first colporteur to serve in the field at a time that pre-dates the establishment of the Bible House in Allegheny, Brother Deming, in his unique and entertaining manner, told of his
association with Brother Russell in those early days, when the shipping department of the truth movement was carried on in a corner of Brother Russell's shirt store. Brother Deming, for a time, served as "Shipping Clerk." He also told of the blessings he received in helping to arrange for the
first general convention of Bible Students. This convention was held in the city of Chicago in the year 1893; and the total attendance was less than one hundred.

Brother Deming's part on the program, in itself, was inspiring to the brethren at the convention, in that it gave them a close-up view of the struggles and joys of the service in the days when Bible Students were very few in number. ...


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