Monday, May 10, 2010

Food for Thinking Christians

Some time ago I posted about a controversy caused by the circulation of Food for Thinking Christians in Newark, NJ. I asked for help tracing this down.

We ran across this in an article we found in a Chicago newspaper. It lacked details, but we were interested. One person offered to help, then backed out because it required more work than he was able to put into the project.

My writing partner made it her personal project. It was a frustrating one - until today. We now have the full details. They're found in an article in the New York Sun.

We also have artcles from a Buffalo NY newspaper and a Reading PA newspaper. The article in the Reading, PA, Eagle is very brief and much after the fact, but it clearly identifies an individual mentioned only by last name in Zion's Watch Tower. His name is spelled two ways, and we've been unable to trace him down.

Joseph B Keim was an early Watch Tower evangelist, one of the first. Knowing his name is an excellent jumping off point for additional research. If any of our readers knows anything at all about him, please share the information with us.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bruce,
the website
gives the following fsmilyfrom Pa. with a Joseph B Keim as having about the same age as CT Russell:

The following is the descent through Daniel deB.and Margaret (Settlej)Keim:

1. Daniel deB.Keim, b. 1830; m. Rebecca E. Wirth, b. 1839; d. 1898; dau. of Aaron Wirth, b. 1812; d. 1885, and Maria (Herb) Wirth, b. 1808; d. 1849.

Daniel deB. and Rebecca Keim had children:

1. Joseph B. Keim, b. iNov. 1, 1853, Reading Pa.
(Had children: 1. Jesse B. Keim. 2. Clarence deB. Keim, deceased.)
2. Aaron W. Keim, b. 1856, Reading,
Pa.; m. Elmira Kimes, b. 1858, Warwick,
Chester Co., Pa.; dau. of Jacob Kimes, b.
1834, Warwick, Pa.; d. 1395, and Susan
(Cramp) Kimes, b. 1836, Warwick, Pa.; d.
3. Frank E. Keim, b. 1853, Philadelphia,
Pa.; m. Margaret Bennett, b. 1868, Phila-
delphia, Pa.; d. 1896.
(Had children: 1. Lettie Keim, b. 1896, in Philadelphia, Pa. 2. George deB. Keim, b. 1890, in Philadelphia, Pa.
4. Ada May Keim, b. 1860, Philadelphia, Pa.; m. Wm. Downing, b. 1846, Philadelphia, Pa
5. -Martha Anna Keim, b. 1863, in Philadelphia, Pa.; d. 1367.
6. Laura Catherine Keim, b. 1865, Philadelphia, Pa.; d. 1872.
7. John H. Keim, b. 1867, Philadelphia,Pa.; m. Sadie Osterberg,
8. Daniel deB. Keim, Jr., b. 1870, Reading, Pa.; m. Bertha E. Bowne,
9. Maurice O. Keim, b. 1872, Philadelphia, Pa.;
10. Lilly M. Keim, b. 1876, Philadelphia,Pa.; d.. 1877
11. Wm. D. Keim, b. 1878, Ocean Grove, N. J.
12. Chas. B. Keim, b. 1879, Ocean Grove, N. J.
13. Elwood S. Keim, b. 1881, Ocean Grove, N. J.

deB seems to stand for deBenneville


B. W. Schulz said...

Thanks Ton.

I was aware of this, and I think this may be the right person. there are two other possibilities. The reason I lean toward this man is the Reading PA connection.

Keim preached in Reading on more than one occasion.