Friday, August 27, 2010

Rather Urgent


We really need to see the 1872 Bible Examiners. We simply cannot afford the photocopy charge from the lone source. Do any of you have copies that you are willing to share?

We see 1872 as a crucial year. Without this material, we're left in the dark and guessing. By now you all know we hate guesses.

We know of two fair sized collections of Russell's personal letters. Neither individual is open to sharing them. Does anyone else have a collection of Russell's personal letters, or at least one or two. Sometimes detail that appear irrelevant really do help us. Anyone?

Also, did Russell's name or that of his father appear in World's Crisis? I found an old email from 1988 suggesting it did, but saying that the writer did not know the dates. We can't use what we cannot prove. Anyone?

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