Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spot the Difference!

The two rectangular pictures are postcards from the Photodrama of Creation. A set of 40 postcards was advertised in 1917 (see reprints page 6077) – and complete sets have passed through my hands on several occasions, always 40 in number.

However, the two colored cards above are numbered 44 and 47b.

Spot the difference.

However, the square picture is the actual slide used in the Photodrama, which is different yet again. (This original is reproduced in the scenario and would later be reproduced again in a motto postcard numbered L-9 – one of the Lardent series.)

Why did they keep on redrawing (not always very successfully) this particular picture - particularly in the Photodrama postcard series?

And does anyone have details of any other Photodrama postcards higher than 40? There is 47a which has a woman on a veranda overlooking a paradise scene with animals entitled PAX, but I have never seen others higher than 40.


Benjamin Barton said...

Like you the cards you mention are the only ones I saw. The Lardent card L-9 is not as colorful as the slide and the circle is a bit smaller, but as you said it is the same picture.

Brian said...

The original painting was under copyright, so it was redrawn. Why it was done so twice is something I don't know. Perhaps they wanted it done a little more differently than the original to avoid a lawsuit.