Sunday, November 13, 2011

BSM, EP and PP

On the move to Brooklyn in 1909 the Old Theology Series of tracts was discontinued. It was to be replaced by a new monthly series, which for a while went under three different names, People's Pulpit, Everybody's Paper, and Bible Students Monthly.

The first title was People's Pulpit and Volume 1 Number 1 covered the opening of the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Soon some were issued as Everybody's Paper, which rearranged the contents slightly to allow the back page (in whole or part) to be used to advertize a public lecture - often an overprinted local one (or even scrawled in handwriting in the blank space at times).

Both series were soon being called Bible Students Monthly and this title was added officially. Many of the early issues were reissued with this masthead as volunteer matter. By the beginning of 1913 Bible Students Monthly had won out as the title.


jerome said...

I have a very poor photocopy of a People's Pulpit from December 1923 - volume 25, number 12 - this one published in Australia. It would seem that while the main series Bible Students Monthly died c. 1917 in America, to be replaced by Kingdom News - in places like Canada, Australia and Britain, the series name was still used at times.

The irony about my 1923 People's Pulpit is that the masthead still portrays the Brooklyn Tabernacle - which was long gone to the IBSA by this time.

And there was also a tract series called The Golden Age and Bible Students Monthly published in London in 1920.

Once you get to 1924 the title Bible Students Monthly had been commandeered by a British breakaway movement.

Benjamin Barton said...

I find the lack of dates strange, but then, they seem to have reprinted issues. In Everybody's Paper Vol 2 No.1 they mention Russell's Reply to Cardinal Gibbons' Sermon in the title and another one with the same volume 2 and No.1 called the title How Some Protestants View Cardinal Gibbons Sermon.

jerome said...

The series started as People's Pulpit. Volume 1 number 1 was the Opening of the New Brooklyn Tabernacle, number 2 was Boston's Religious Revival Surely a Blessing, number 3 was Where are the Dead, and number 4 (also reprinted as BSM) The Rich Man in Hell.

My earliest BSM is number 3 Where Are the Dead, but it is a British 2 page issue. I suspect that number 4 was the first to be republished as BSM in America.

Because they were frequently reprinted (and on occasion the contents slightly rejigged) they are a bibliographic nightmare. However, the main article on the front page generally stayed the same.

Benjamin Barton said...

Yes I know(about 112). And if you do not have the 15 Everybody Paper issues I have, it will not be long before you have those to. :-)

The only People pulpit issue I have is an issue of Old Theology Quarterly No. 54 printed in England. It does not mention No.54 or OTQ but for the rest it appears the same. And it does not have the artwork, it is just named People Pulpit.
The Issues published in Foreign Countries for the GA Consolation and other items often contained other stories then the ones from the US. The Australian Government has released some Australian consolation issues that where in its secret service archives that are online.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I don't have any of the Everybody's Paper. May I have copies too?

Benjamin Barton said...

I sent a email to Bruce with the request to forward it to you. As I do not have your email. Sherlock I send a email to you to.

As I am currently working on the Bulletins the Everybody Paper will come to you but a bit later.

Does anybody have the Bulletins September 1935, April 1, 1935 (not April special edition) February 1928, June 1926 so I can make the years complete I miss some more but these are the ones I can complete with just one issue.
Also does anybody have Issue 176 from the Golden Age as I miss pages 599 and 600. We bought a copy but it missed that page.
If someone that has them would be willing to scan those, You would be making me very happy and I could send you the rest of those years if you want. You can contact me at NathanHomerKnorr at

Benjamin Barton said...

I want to thank Jerome for helping me get the page for the 1926 Golden Age. Now I finally have all Golden Age Issues complete

jerome said...


You're welcome. A couple of Bulletins will be on their way to you through the usual channels in the next day or so.

Benjamin Barton said...

Thanks Jerome. That is great!

Ton Hollander said...

As I can't go outside today I am reading comments placed a while ago.

I see you all exchanging most interesting "volunteer" matter, like People's pulpit, Everybody's paper and Bible Student's monthly.

Am I too late, to ask, please send them also to me? Bruce an Rachael know my email address.


Benjamin Barton said...

Ton You can email me at
I also have Dutch and German stuff like 1927 Waar zijn de Dooden in pdf