Friday, February 17, 2012

Early missionaries

A recent Watchtower article mentions the problems Russell had getting The Plan of the Ages into bookstores, retelling the story of his interaction with Fleming H. Revell. The details are found in the 1907 Convention Report and elsewhere. The article dates this to 1886. This is based on a missreading of the original source material and an apparent lack of knowledge of the 1892-5 replublication of Millennial Dawn under the Saalfield imprint. Saalfield was a job printer, publishing to order. Later the company was a major publisher of Young Adult books. Copies of Plan of the Ages with the Saalfield imprint are probably the rarest of all.

One of Russell's associates dates this event to 1895. This is without doubt the correct date.


Anonymous said...

Thnx brothers....i just read the article and i found it really interesting!Thnx for the additional information.May Jehovah bless you

Ton Hollander said...

In the 1904 Convention Report bro. Russell dates this event as "over 15 years ago". (Colporteus meeting)
That would mean about 1889.


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Thanks, Ton. We over looked that one. This makes more sense then Johnson's 1895.

Benjamin Barton said...

Is it possible that these where 2 different approaches to sell the book, one from the counter of a bookstore, and the other by Saalfield & Finch?
I noticed that 2 in the 1904 report when I was going over the scan you made of it, Ton.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Yes, two separate events.