Tuesday, June 12, 2012

M. Joblin

We believe there is a connection between an M. Joblin and the Russells and maybe Stetson and Storrs. I haven't been able to make it yet. Anyone know anything helpful?

Monday, June 11, 2012

I appreciate that some of you may be curious about our personal details. Without meaning to be unkind, we do not intend to post them or answer queries via email. Bruce does not belong to any social networking site. I have a twitter account I seldom use.

My name as it appears on our book is my writer's name. It's a form of my real name. Rachael is the fifth in a string of given names. It is not my true first name, though it is my name. de Vienne is part of a longish last name which is composed of place names. Use of the full last name is regulated by law. My maiden name, though of French derivation, belongs to a German family. My married last name is a fairly common Scots last name. None of this will assuage the curiosity of those few who feel compelled to ask personal questions. Hopefully, the clues I've given here will send them off looking in the wrong corners. In a semi-teasing way, I'm telling you 'no', and saying I won't hand out personal details.

As much as I ever tell, I tell on my personal blog. http://wardancingpixie.blogspot.com/ It's a boring blog and seldom contains anything about this project.

I value my privacy. So does Bruce. Please do not ask personal questions. I am not comfortable with them.