Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What we know ... What we need.

From August 1878 to July 1879 Paton traveled, lecturing in various places. Some we can guess. Two we know. Barbour says Paton preached in Rochester. So we know that. Thanks to Ton who sent the file, we know he preached in Cleveland, Ohio.

We would like a more complete record. I'm at a loss. Ton is our super finder of newspaper articles. If he can't find it, I certainly can't. Anyone want to tackle this?

We need scaned (or originals) of anti-Russell booklets published in his life time. We have some. We need others. This may seem strange to some of you, but we've found interesting details in these booklets. One by a former Barbourite gave us interesting detial. We don't  have Eseek Wolcott's (associate of Wendell) booklet. So if you have anything like this, even if you think it's pretty much worthless, contact us.

We're still researching the last chapter of volume one. And we're working on edits and corrections and slight addisitons to the other chapters.

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