Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Where we are

Because of health issues, the last chapter is languishing. We still intend to finish and publish by mid year next. We will take a break with the publication of volume one to reassess the project and to attend to other issues. There is a very real possibility that we will end this project with volume one. This may disappoint some, but I don’t think it will matter to most of those who visit this blog one or twice a month or less frequently.

There are several deeply personal reasons why we may not continue this project. I’m certainly not discussing them here, and I won’t engage with you in email if you press the issue. I think they’re good and sufficient reasons to suspend maybe drop totally, the rest of this project. During our planned break, we will consider where we stand. If we decide to end this project with “volume one,” we will close the private blog and put this one into stasis, closing comments but leaving up the posts.

Original research is increasingly expensive, and though some of our readers have contributed money to this project, it is unacceptable practice to beg money from readers. As we approach more modern times, documentation is harder to obtain. Some of it is held by private persons unwilling to share. We, on that basis alone, are faced with a nearly impossible task. However, if there were not more personal reasons, we would persist.

It is fun to live in the past. But there are pressing issues in the ‘now’ that are separating us from this project. We’ve made no firm decision. We’re in no hurry to do so. When we do, either Rachael or I will post it here.

There are more important things in life that musty history. 


roberto said...

Whatever is your choise, many thanks for this wondeful blog, and the absorbing book.

And, yes, there are most important things in life that EXCITING HISTORY.

Ton Hollander said...

Of course I respect YOUR decision. I cannot even vaguely imagine how much research is in a book like this. I'll kiss volume 2, and later. But I will miss the blogs even more, with there suggestions of what we as blogreaders could contribute. Research is not only much work, but also fun.
Bruce enjoy what you already have accomplished. And it is true as Ecc 12:12 says: "....The making of many books has no end, and much study is a weariness to the flesh." (Voice in the wilderness edition of the bible).
Yours, Ton

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Well that announcement effectively killed this blog. Zero visits today. We aren't done yet. Bruce only told you what might happen,not what has happened.

jerome said...

I don't think it is quite as negative as that. On reading Rachael's comment, I checked out the stats, and yesterday there were 61 page views and today - so far, with a chunk of the day still ahead - it is already up to 55.

So I think the same number of people are still visiting, and there will be many who have yet to see Bruce's comments.

Whatever happens in the future, it will be good to see the current volume completed in due course and the research made available in a more "permanent" form for those who will really appreciate it.

Best wishes

Andrew Grzadzielewski said...

Whether or not you continue the project, I want to thank you for maintaining this blog. I am working on my own history project about Bible Students in my area. Thinking about the work that I have put in, and realizing that your effort is several magnitudes larger, makes me appreciate your efforts even more. Thank you again.