Monday, April 7, 2014

On being helpful

We appreciate your help. Some of you send us things. Occasionally it’s something we have, but often we’ve never seen it. Those who send us things sometimes worry we’ve seen it or that it’s not important. Never hesitate to send us something on that basis.

            One of our blog readers sent us scans of four old letters, one from Russell and the rest from Rutherford. We’re slowly accumulating material on Rutherford. Because of health issues, we may not be able to continue this series past book three (1887-1917). But we’re acting as if we will. We’re planning for a book four that takes the story to 1932, telling both the Bible Student and Witness story to that date. Of course, we aren’t actively researching that era yet. But we are seeking documentation. So let me tell you about one of these letters …

            It’s a two paragraph letter. Rutherford answers a question from a female adherent from Canada. The letter is dated February 29, 1928. It’s on the verge of a doctrinal change. The woman asked if she would be safer during the time of trouble if she moved to Palestine. Rutherford told her that “the proper course for you to take is to say to the Lord that you desire to do His will and to have whatsoever place he gives you and then trust in Him and go on and do with your might what you can to let others know about the gracious privision (sic) of His kingdom.”

            It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one prone to typos, but this letter’s significance rests in the nearness of doctrinal change. The return of the Jews, the nature of Armageddon and other issues were all under review. This letter fits into that picture. So while it may seem insignificant, it’s really an important letter.

           Thanks for sending it. The other letters are important in their own way too, though I’m not going to review them here. My point is that everything you send is helpful. Even if you think we may have seen it, send it.


            Another way you can help is by telling your friends about our new book, A Separate Identity. We fund research from the sale of our books. So the more of them that sell, the more funds we have to pay for photocopies and original documents.

            Tell your friends!



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