Saturday, April 26, 2014

Such a nice email

Hello my brother. Just a quick note to congratulate you and Rachael de Vienne on your amazing book "Organizational Identity Among Readers of Zion's Watch Tower 1870 - 1887". I love it! Up to now I've read 316 pages very carefully and also taking notes and will probably finish it this weekend. Thank you for the joy you've brought to those of us who really love and appreciate an accurate history of what has brought us to who we are and where we stand today. I also appreciated very much your expressions on Ebay of how much you enjoyed my book "Watch Tower of Allegheny Historical Tour".

Christian love,

James Scott Holmes

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jerome said...

Since this writer has shared his appreciation for the Separate Identity book with others, it seems only fair that readers of this blog can have a look at his own tour book of Allegheny. You can read the first illustrated chapter on his website: