Friday, May 2, 2014


An archive of Isaac Hoskins' papers are on ebay. We can't afford this. If you bid on it and win, would you make copies for us?


Ton Hollander said...

Look out we are not making the seller rich by bidding against each other.
I don't bid

jerome said...

I have bid on the smaller item (letter re proposed merger). I am not prepared to go above my opening bid. However, should I obtain this item I will make it freely available on Blog 2.

jerome said...

Sorry folks, beaten to the punch on this one.

Ton Hollander said...

Hoskins marriage certificate (married by Bro Russell) is for sale on ebay. Original "just"1800 dollars. But with photo's which you can download.
Ebay search "Ïsaac Hoskins" between ""
At your service, Ton

Anonymous said...

NEED you see hoskins on ebay
russell marry them

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

We have a nice copy of the certificate, thanks.