Friday, May 2, 2014

Logan, Utah, Leader, December 2, 1881

Thanks to Ton!

            We have received No. 1 Vol. 1 of a paper published in New York called, Zion’s Day Star, edited by A. D. Jones. It is a monthly of eight pages containing no advertisements and devoted exclusively to the discussion of religious topics; does not claim to be the organ of any denomination, and sets the Bible up as its standard. We quote the following from its introductory remark:

            “Many no doubt will inquire who are these persons advancing these views’ and, because we are not among the noted and well known, may feel disposed to carelessly cast aside this sheet, scarcely reading what is therein contained. But ere you do so we ask your attention for a short time. First, it is not for you to ask who we are, nor should you decide either for or against the paper on account of those who are connected with it; for in and of ourselves we are nothing; but a fair question, for each reader to ask is, Are the views as here set forth true? Are they supported by God’s word? If, on examination, you find them so, then they, no us, demand your attention. 

*          *          *          *

            The truth of the scriptures is the only rule of faith by which we will be examined. It is our aim to teach the truth as free from the terms of the times; to teach it in its entirety. We are not in bondage to any creed, party or sect, but we claim to be the Lord’s fee men. We recognize one Head and Master – Jesus Christ; and all true followers of him as brethren. Therefore, we wish our teachings compared with “the law and the testimony,” and if any view presented is not in accordance with the above “there is no light in them,” and we shall consider you a friend. Acts 17 11. It will be our aim to make plain some of the “dark sayings and parables” of the word, and we doubt not that the hearts of many will be made to rejoice as they come to see the beauty and harmony of our Father’s word.”

            The subscription price is nominal being only 50 cents per year. Whatever they claim as a creed, many of the articles in the first issue are interesting and contain much truth.



roberto said...

One day Ton will find the original Ten Commandments

Ton Hollander said...

oh yes, the moment I'm trying to glue the pieces together