Thursday, May 22, 2014

R. Wakefield

He is sometimes noted as R. W. in Zion's Watch Tower. We need a full biography. We think he was born about 1830. He seems to have died before 1900. He wrote to newspapers promoting his beliefs. He was an Adventist before adopting Watch Tower belief. He seems to have become an Adventist in the 1850s. He lived in Newark, New Jersey in the 1880s.

We really know nothing at all.

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Ton Hollander said...

In the 1880 US census we find 4 R Wakefields in Newark, Essex, NJ.

A Ralph, born 1880, too young,
A Robert J, born 1878, too young,
A Robert F, born abt 1851, too young if your opinion is right.

And a Robert Wakefield, born abt 1826 in Ireland.
This must be the right one.
Census will be mailed. Lived with his daughter Adah E.