Saturday, May 17, 2014

Seeking the impossible

I know this is asking the impossible, or the nearly impossible. We need to answer the following questions:

What was William I. Mann doing between June 1879 and September 1881?

We know that B. W. Keith preached fairly regularly between the same dates. Can we uncover where? Do we know what his message was?
The Berwick, Pennsylvania, believers were a mixed bunch. We can say with certainty that it was composed of Christadelphian, One Faith (ie: Restitution readers), and Zion’s Watch Tower adherents. Can we uncover more detail?

Can we find more detail about A. D. Jones’ preaching between 1878 and September 1882?

A “J. L. F.” from Montrose, Pennsylvania, wrote a poem which was published in the October 1879 issue of Zion’s Watch Tower. Can we put a name to these initials?

J. S. Lawver exhibited at the Centennial Fair in 1876. It is highly likely that he met Russell then. Can we either prove or disprove that?

Daniel Lathrop’s second wife was Sally M. Sherwood. (See the partial chapter below). Was Sally Sherwood related to Thomas Sherwood (see vol 1’s bio of Avis Hamlin)?

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Ton Hollander said...

Sherwood was not Sally's own name.
Sally married first to Elijah Sherwood 1835-1839 in Apalachin, Tioga county, N.Y. This marriage lasted 35-40 years when Elijah died. Sally married second in 1880 to widower Daniel D. Lathrop and this marriage lasted over 30 years. Daniel and Sally lived 30+ years together in Montrose, Susquehanna county, Pennsylvania. At her death her body was taken back to Apalachin to be buried with her first husband