Thursday, November 27, 2014

You can help

            You can help keep our project alive by recommending our books to your friends, even if you think they may not be history buffs. Show them the book. Put it in their hands. Recommend this blog. If you have a web presence, link to our blog. Please help.


Ducking down now! said...

Rachael, this is written as a serious comment.

Have you ever considered that the content of your Pixie Blog may deter folk from reading this blog and buying your books?

I'm thinking of practising Christians with a clear and well-defined sense of morality.

Recently I had an e-mail correspondence with someone who is writing a book about a specific aspect of JW history. I recommended 'Separate Identity' to him but he was most reluctant to purchase a copy because of what he had read and seen on the Pixie Pages. It was only after I mentioned Bruce's background and gave a glowing endorsement of your time that he decided to buy.

I write this not as criticism but as something that could possibly be considered if you wish to be taken seriously as a student of historic religious organisations.

Izzit safe to come out now? said...

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Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...


roberto said...

Hi Rachael,
you know I am making a little effort to advertise your project on an Italian forum, and on my very little personal blog. Your books are the most serious ever published on the subject. I am making a translation in Italian language, I don't want any payment, it will be a gift to you and Bruce.

THROUGH THIS HISTORICAL BLOG I have known your books. Well you know what I think, your books are by far the best on the subject. A Separate Identity stand alone like a mountain on the plain


THROUGH YOUR PERSONAL BLOG I have known the woman Rachael. An attentive and tender mother, a faithful and loving wife, a true friend, a scrupolous understanding qualified teacher, a talented writer, a lover of justice and hater of hypocrisy.

The merits of Rachael are far more than her defects (who is without defects?). I'd like to have my merits a little more than my defects.

Thanks Rachael for everything you do about this project and thanks to make we know a little of your world.

I am happy to give my little help

jerome said...

Rachael's pixie blog and this history blog are two separate things. The pixie blog is personal - so she can write whatever she wants, however she wants. It’s HER business, and her business alone. People can read it or not as they choose. (I choose to read it quite often, but that is MY choice, not influenced by anybody else).

But THIS is a professional blog devoted to one specific subject. The merits of this blog should be judged on its contents alone. And any who read this blog and read back on this blog will have a reasonably clear idea of what the two published books (so far) are like, because so much of the material written by Bruce and Rachael started publication here in an embryonic state.

What any of the writers choose to write elsewhere, or do elsewhere, is irrelevant. We should be able to focus on this project in isolation, and if we believe the published books have real merit, then tell other people about them. I do. I hope you do too.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Dear Duck aka "P",

You have my email. It seems to me that an honorable man would have sent this message via email. You DO have my email.

Suggest to your friend that he return our book for a refund. Certainly it would be useless to anyone who is controling and judgmental. If he is a Witness of the sort you suggest, he will be disturbed by it.

I would personally refund his twenty-seven dollars, but the mail costs from the UK to here are very high.

Your comment seems exceptionally strange given the comments you've left on my personal blog, some of which I deleted.

Chris G. said...

Hello friends,
I agree with Jerome. It is likely that any who show an interest in the depth of research that Bruce and Rachael have been involved in will be spiritually mature enough to not be put off or "offended" by Rachael's personal blog. I am appreciative at how often Bruce and/or Rachael will give us their personal backgrounds in a sincere effort to be as transparent as possible to those who may be interested in such information.
The way in which they have conscientiously done this eases any concerns I may have had but truly the research should stand on it's own anyway, which it does due to the detailed footnotes and dogged digging they tirelessly involve themselves in.
Please be assured of my appreciation for your continued labors of love in sharing this wealth of insightful facts. Many or all of us would not have known much of this info without your help and unselfish desire to share. Thank you. Christopher G

Semer said...

And going back to the topic of this post, would it be possible to know how many copies of your book have been sold so far?
I truly think your book is a gem, a pinnacle, a milestone in its domain. Not only for us JWs, but for historians and institutions.
So I'm just curious to know how long it takes people in general and the academic world to realize.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

We don't release sales figures, but I can say, to answer your question, "not nearly as many as I expected." Sales are steady but low.