Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A disappointment

As one or two associates may know, I have been trying to obtain the 1886 year of AD Jones’ Day Star from the Library of Congress. Visitors to the library have previously been daunted by the surviving volume being off site, and by the time it could be retrieved they were on a plane to somewhere else.
The result of correspondence to and fro since last December resulted in the volume being looked at closely, and the following was the gist of the final message:
There is no possibility of microfilming pages so large. However, they could be digitized at 300 dpi, with a page-turner, and loaded up onto the Library of Congress site, but at the moment, there is a huge queue of material waiting for this treatment, plus a big gap in the budget, so digitizing fragile materials is proceeding very slowly apace. In the meantime these volumes are boxed in an acid-free box, and, apart from being looked at for the query they are stored flat in a map cabinet and are in cold storage.
The message ended:
You could try writing again in about three or four years.

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Semer said...

How frustrating.
Anyway, you can use it for the third edition. ;-)