Monday, October 12, 2015

Several issues

We reviewed sales figures. They do not warrant continuing this project. People simply are not interested. We need a return on work to continue the project. It does not exist.

We are being cheated by a major book retailer. Our publisher seems unable to address this issue.

We have a few faithful blog followers. But no significant readership exists either for this blog or for our books.

Accordingly, this project is ended. We have put the private blog - we refer to it as blog 2 - in stasis. There is no access at this time. We haven't decided what to do with this blog.

The two books we have completed will continue to be available on We are working to end sales in all other venues such as Amazon and B&N.

While we will always be interested in this history, no further work is planned. No further blog posts are planned. Comment function will end by the first of November, 2015.


Anonymous said...

A few words on social media is a poor substitute for this blog.
Your cancelled future volumes will be missed.
This year I published an A4 hardback book and an A5 70-page booklet. Both sold well, but the lesson I learnt was the need for blanket advertising in as many places I could find. Unless people are aware of the existence of a publication, they will not buy it. Trite but true.
I understand why you have decided to quit this project. Perhaps your writing project over the summer put added stress on you. But why not continue your researches as an occasional hobby. It may well be that you will rekindle the love of the subject you had at first.
Please don't erase this blog? It costs you nothing. People will continue to dip into it over time.
In the meantime, thank you both for your research and your writings - I have bought both your books.

Miquel Angel Plaza-Navas said...

Hello. This blog has been of great help to my research. Thanks!!
I have bought your two books also and I think both are of great value to the Bible Student (pre- and proto-history and also history).
Have you thought to present some papers of your research at any historical congress? I am sure that you have thought in it but for any reason you haven't done it.

For example, on April 21 and 22 there will be a congress with the following title at Antwerp (Belgium, Europe): "The Jehovah's Witnesses in scholarly perspective: What's new in the scientific study of Jehovism?"

I know, I know, this title can be confusing... but I think that congresses like this could be a good place to present your research in a polite manner and to introduce your publications. You can try to present your research as new ways to study Bible Students.
So, this could be a way you can study.
Sorry if you have tried before to do something similar.

Miquel Angel Plaza-Navas

B. W. Schulz said...

I'm a semi-retired teacher with health issues. I can't afford a trip to Europe.

roberto said...

We love you Bruce.