Wednesday, December 16, 2015

In 1880s

In the early 1880s a "brother McGranor (also spelled McGrannor) was an active Watch Tower evangelist. He was from Pennsylvania. We can't idenitfy him. Can you?


jerome said...

Did a search under both spellings in Restitution paper for 1874-1894, but alas, no sign of him.

jerome said...

A search on Ancestry revealed a number of McGranors with Pennsylvania connections, but only the following would have been of the right age.

Patrick McGranor (1831-1899). Civil war veteran who had two sons:
William James McGranor (1851-1928) and Robert McGranor (b. 1854)

Other "stray" McGranors are:

James McGranor (1837-1885)
Patrick McGranor (another Patrick) (1840-1909)
John McGranor (1859-1908)
Patrick John McGranor (1847-before 1910)
Anthony McGranor (featured in a 1859 insurance doc as "non sectarian" - but can't find again in Pennsylvania records

So I've got no further than Bruce got back in 2009, but anyone with access to a newspaper database might find it worth checking out some of those first names.

There are very few McGrannors - I think that is a misprint in ZWT