Friday, December 25, 2015

Laura J. Raynor

From the Pittsburgh Press in 1917.

Maria’s older sister was a keen supporter of ZWT theology for a number of years, although you would not know it from her obituary.

A recent post on this blog has a Sister Raynor sharing in colporteur work in 1887. Laura had been widowed some years before in 1873. Harry Raynor had been under 40 years old at the time, leaving her with three children, Howard M Raynor (c.1867-1946), Selina Raynor, who never married (c.1865-1948), and Maria Raynor (c.1873-after 1941). Maria Raynor married S Frank McKee and she is named as May Raynor McKee on his death certificate in 1941. The whole family and offshoots stayed in the general Pittsburgh area.

At the time of her being mentioned in 1887, Laura’s children would have been of an age to be mainly independent; Selina would have been around 21, Howard around 20, and Maria (May) around 14. They were also all listed as living in the same home as Laura’s mother, Selina Ackley, in the 1880 census.

Laura is mentioned several times in subsequent issues of ZWT. In the May 1, 1892 issue, there was a meeting at her home. In the 1894 troubles, she signed a document with her sister Maria and others supporting CTR. In the 1897 troubles between CTR and Maria, she supported Maria.

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