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Both Bruce and I have ...

This letter from Adamson to Russell appears in the April 1886 issue of Zion's Watch Tower. Adamson says he wrote letters to the newspapers in and around Binghamton, New York. Our only access to these is through You can't view them by issue there, only through search terms. We couldn't locate Adamson's letters or articles. Can you?

Not in Reprints:

Binghamton, N.Y., March 15, 1886.
DEAR BRO. RUSSELL: We are still here, and enclose a list of
names and report. I think my course of lectures closed auspiciously
as I could think, if not wish.

Some told me that if the series did no other good, it at least softened
the attitude of the fiery dogmatic Free Methodists, who expect to
run away with all that dare try conclusions with them. At the
meeting yesterday they showed, as a result of my answers to their
questions at the stand and in the papers, that they were better
disposed and had "changed their minds," both as to methods and as
to denying all except tradition. At first they knew everything. The
congregation increased, and many expressed regret that the lectures
closed. The last lectures were received with great warmth and
expressions of benefits received. I stay till to-morrow to have
conversations with parties to-day. You see work is plenty for the
willing. Surely I begin to see why the Lord sent me this way. Mrs.
A. joins in kind remembrance, sympathy, and prayers for all saints,
but especially for you, dear Bro. and Sister Russell. In Christ,

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Chris G. said...

Fantastic bit of research Jerome, Thank you for clearing this mystery up. Love the details that your research uncovers.