Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Help find this?

The Flaming Sword of March 1898 said:

The Morning Star says that Mr. C. T. Russell, the editor of the Watch Tower, Allegheny, Pa., "is one of the numerous so called Messiahs with which this country is so amply surfeited.” His claims amount to this; he has not yet mustered up sufficient courage to make the claim emphatically; it would interfere with his revenues. He has a hobby, and is riding it for all it is worth, but it is not worth much. His observatory is out of shape the tower is not high enough, and it limits his horizon; its foundation is crumbling, and will no longer bear the huge, cross-eyed telescope which he employs.

We need the original Morning Star article, but we can't even identify the magazine. HELP!

With Jerome's expert help: 



Andrew Martin said...

Here's a suggestion: back during the 1844~onward debacle, there was an adventist journal entitled The Western Morning Star, which one Enoch Jacobs used as a forum to publicly criticize George Storrs. A friend of mine (no longer mobile) did research in copies of the Western Morning Star about 25 years ago; at the time, he showed me some of his photocopies. I am not aware how long the journal continued publication

After referring to such a journal by its full name initially, the Flaming Sword writer might have continued using an abbreviated name.

My guess is that "Morning Star" is not the full name of the journal.

Hopes this helps a little.

Andrew Martin said...

Looks as if I was wrong, and "The Morning Star" is the full name. Glad it wasn't as hard to find it as I suspected it might be.

Great research, Jerome!

Andrew Martin said...

In retrospect, I was mistaken. The 1844~era paper my friend researched was "The Western Midnight Cry", not "The Western Morning Star". Sorry for the confusion.

At that time (25 or so years ago), archival copies were in the underground library of the Cincinnati Museum Center (old Union Terminal). They may still be available for researchers, in case anyone is researching that era.

roberto said...

Jerome, Maestro.

roberto said...

Jerome: after the magazine, have you identified the article?

jerome said...

Roberto - alas, I have not found the article. I found what seemed to be the right magazine by its title and general contents, and Rachael found an advertisement for it actually in the Flaming Sword, which confirmed it was the right magazine. But surviving copies (or at least surviving copies online) do not appear to include 1898.

Miquel Angel Plaza-Navas said...

Thanks Jerome!
I have found what I think is the same page where you found this issue. There are only several issues from 1892, 1893 and 1907, but no 1898. And I have done a research through WORLDCAT but I haven't found any library with 1898 issues of this journal. Sorry