Friday, September 30, 2016

Jonathan Ling

In June this year the blog ran a short article on Jonathan Ling, an early Watch Tower adherent in Britain, publishing a photograph of him supplied by one of his great-granddaughters.

Courtesy of Bernhard another photograph of Jonathan has now come to light, as a much older man. I had actually seen this photograph before, but cannot remember where. If any readers also recognises it and can give a source (other than Bernhard), I would be interested to hear.


Donald Jacobs said...

Page 70 of,the 2000 Yearbook says it's Tom Hart, the first Bible Student in England.,

Andrew Martin said...

It was published on page 70 of the 2000 Yearbook AS A PHOTO OF TOM HART!

(Sorry for yelling) :)

If memory serves me correctly, it's also on display in an exhibit at Mill Hill Bethel - but that's been 15 or more years ago.

"And the plot thickens!"



jerome said...

Many thanks to Donald and Andrew for solving my problem. I just could not remember where it came from. Now I can sleep easily tonight!

jerome said...

Ah - wait a minute - I should have read more carefully - the Yearbook says Tom Hart - the photo caption says Jonathan Ling. I think if you compare the photo of Jonathan Ling supplied by a descendant with this photo, then this appears to be Ling - not Hart. Unless they looked very much alike. The plot thickens...

roberto said...

Well done Jerome