Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We need a volunteer

            We need a volunteer willing to spend a little of his own money. Are you still reading?
            The Archives of Ontario has two documents related to Rex v. J. J. Ross, the criminal libel trial of a Baptist preacher brought by Russell. We’re committed to finishing volume 2 of Separate Identity. All our time and money is committed to that. We need someone willing to acquire and scan for us the two documents. They are:

    J.G. Farmer, Barrister, Hamilton: Rex vs. Ross- Query re his right to cross- examine chief Crown witness in libel case. (Includes a pamphlet on "Pastor" Charles T. Russell).
Dates of Creation: 1912
Physical Description: 1 file of textual records
Notes: See also RG 22-392-0-6742 (the indictment).
Creator Code:  1711
This file or item forms a part of the following group of records: RG 4-32 Attorney General Central Registry Criminal and Civil Files

Defendant: Ross, John Jacob; Charged with Defamatory Libel (against Pastor C.T. Russell): Wentworth County
Dates of Creation: 1913
Physical Description: 1 file of textual records
File/Item Ref. Code: RG 22-392-0-6742
This file or item forms a part of the following group of records: RG 22-392 Criminal Assize Clerk criminal indictment files
Restrictions on the Group of Records of which this File/Item forms a Part Originals are closed for conservation reasons. Researchers must use microfilm copies.
Location and Ordering Information
File is located on self- service microfilm reel MS 8529 Note this information for retrieval of this item. To help you find what you need, also note the File/Item Ref. Code and/or the Creator Ref. shown above.

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