Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Early Italian Tract - An article by Roberto

With English language help from Rachael

In 1911 (or soon after), the Italian Watch Tower branch published a four-page tract entitled: “Dando Ascolto alle Dottrine dei Demoni” (Listening to the Doctrines of Demons). The caption under the picture reads: “Gehenna, which symbolized final destruction.”

The Tract begins this way:

The angels which kept not their first estate. Jude 6.

Today very few believe to the Bible statement that the earthly atmosphere is infested by evil spirits. And as a result of this incredulity, thousands of right-minded people are easily deceived by this evil spirits. The fog is together physical and moral. The usual method of these spirits is to arise (stir up, excite) curiosity ....”

The article’s subtitles are:
- They teach false doctrines
- Ready for these deceivers
- Seductive Spirits, fiendish doctrines
- Libidinousness of the fallen angels
- Confined angels, dark chains
- Enemies of God and men
- Jesus drove the devils out
- Scientists fall into the traps

A second and short article is entitled: “A Rare Case.” It reports of thirty-three Catholic priests of Canada that left the church. They denounce seven Catholic doctrines that conflict with the Bible. It looks like false news.

The third article is entitled: “The appeal of the Angel of Laodicea”. It is a treatment of Revelation 3:14, applied to Russell.

Can anyone tell me the original Watch Tower publication of the first article? The year seems to be 1911.

[Editor’s note: The last article would mark this tract as from after 1917. – R]

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Credit to Bruciolis for the Tract