Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A. P. Stewart - St. Paul Globe, Aug 27, 1899.


Andrew Martin said...

For anyone interested in his Civil War history, General Stewart fought under General Joseph E. Johnston and later General John Bell Hood during the Atlanta campaign, and later under Hood during the Confederate Army of Tennessee's ill-fated attempted invasion of the State of Tennessee late in 1864. Stewart commanded an army corps at the battles of Spring Hill (inconclusive), Franklin (disastrous repeated assaults against the Union lines), and Nashville (effectively the end of that Confederate fighting force). Other than division commander General Patrick Cleburne (killed at Franklin), Stewart was the most competent general officer left remaining by that time.

ramblinwaymore said...

Alexander Peter Stewart, known as "Old Straight" to his men, graduated from West Point in 1842. His biography and photo can be found in Ezra J. Warner's excellent Generals In Gray.