Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rare Book

I’ve ended up with an extra copy of Good tidings pertaining to the earth and the race as disclosed in the Scriptures by an Association of Believers. This was a publication of the Advent Christian Church. The first edition was 1871. This printing is 1874. It represents Second Adventism as Russell would have encountered it in discussions with Wendell and Stetson.

There are two copies available from online booksellers. A first edition with significant wear is listed at 200.00. An 1885 edition is listed at 150.00.

I will sell this extra copy for considerably less at $75.00.

Condition: The spine is separating but still attached. There are damp spots to the front cover, wear to the upper and lower spine. An inscription dated to 1881 is on the front end paper. A name is stamped on the free end sheet. I cannot connect the previous owners to Russell.

Just as a side note, the copy I’m keeping belonged to A. C. Johnson, the Advent Christian historian.

If you’re interested in this book, contact me through a blog post. I won’t post your reply on the blog.

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