Monday, October 27, 2008


Our blog seems to have generated very limited interest and almost no discussion. Rachael deVienne and I are considering taking it down. If there is interest out there, we need to know it.

Personally, I think our time is better spent elsewhere. We need to hear from those interested. Without sufficient interest (we'll know it when we see it) this blog is going away or going into hibernation.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bruce,
I would regret very much, as there is not so much to find for me in Holland. I weekly look and read. I am looking forward to your book.

Anonymous said...

I can only speak for myself, but I am most interested in Russell's religious associations before he met Barbour, and his associations with Stetson, Storrs, Conley, and the Adventist church in the Pittsburgh area.

One interesting fact is that Conley likely became acquainted with Peters when living in Ohio.
Stetson also lived in Ohio, and I wonder whether Conley might have become acquainted with Stetson at that time as well.

Sherlock(JW1983) said...

I know for a fact that many JWs and "Bible Students" read your board. They might not post comments because your information is so informative, that they have nothing to add. Many are looking forward to your book. And some have incorporated your research into other boards. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I visit your site from time to time, so if you publish something new I would appreciate it!

JimSpace said...

Hi Bruce and Rachael.
Being a history buff, I enjoy this blog very much and it is one of my favorites. I visit it and read it often. I also appreciate your balance and candor.

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment above on October 27, 2008 7:54 PM and would like to add to it. I would agree with the thought that there might be people who read the blog but not post. This is a highly specialized subject which very few have an in-depth knowledge of.

Anonymous said...

I visit your blog a couple of times every week and read all the informative articles. I don't usually post since I don't have anything to add to this superb researching, except maybe some questions. I'm looking forward to reading your book.
Please keep on sharing your historical treasures with us.
Sergio (Madrid)

Anonymous said...

It would be a shame to lose a valuable asset such as this. Please keep the blog open.

The early history of the Millerite, Adventist, and Bible Students movements are quite interesting and helpful. I am sure countless others feel the same way, though they may be unable to participate.

Thank you for your efforts and may Jah continue to bless you.



Memra said...

I simply was not aware of your blog, but now that I am, I must say that it is much too interesting and informative to close!

Heritage and history always have value. It is beneficial to know where we have been in order to fully appreciate where we are.

Please keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I am a silently reader since the beginning. Sorry to not participate in discussion.

Chris G. said...

Hello Bruce,
I enjoy the info very much and appreciate your objectivity in bringing it out. The detailed references are extremely insightful. You've done your homework and must have a deep love for the information. I would love to hear what motivates you to dig so deeply into this era in time?
All the best,
C.C. Gross

DT said...

Please don't take down the blog. I just found it, but it looks like it has some good information.

Anonymous said...

Very informative and appreciated by myself and others.

Please don't give up.