Saturday, March 14, 2009

updates and comments

We continue to research and write. Our attention has been divirted some by a book on another, non-watchtower, subject. (One does need an income.) And the Watchtower research has reached a difficult spot. This explains the lack of recent posts.

I would like to hear from anyone who has researched Russell's evolving view of himself, especially as it developed from the controversy with von Zech.

While you wait for more posts on this site, you might enjoy this from Isaac Watts. His place in Watchtower history is neglected. We sang Watts hymns and Watts was non-trinitarian, though he seems to have held to the standard view on hell.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Not at all relevant, but ...


Well deserved praise for my writing-partner's fiction. Well done, Rachael!

One of the greatest joys of this blog is getting to know some very amazing people.I first "met" Rachael de Vienne when she began commenting on my blog. I think her name was "War Dancing Pixie" which was instantly memorable of course, but it was her writing voice that kept my attention.

I loved to read her comments. She was hilarious and insightful, and really really interesting.Then it turned out she had this amazing goat. Bill E. Goat began appearing in the comments section too. And stories about Bill E.If one can be smitten with a goat, well I am smitten with Bill.

Then Rachael wrote Pixie Warrior, and it was published by an electronic book publisher. One of the reasons to finally buy a Kindle was so I could buy it and read it. I did, and I'm now a member of Rachael-the-novelist's fan club, not just Rachael-the-goat-keeper, and Rachael-the-hilarious-albeit-typo-ridden-commenter fan club.Today, I'm tickled pink to post the news that Pixie Warrior is a pick of the month over at Congratulations Rachael!