Thursday, November 19, 2009

More from Hymns of Millennial Dawn

Song 27: Originally titled "Children of the Heavenly King," but retitled Always Rejoicing. Written by John Cennick in 1742. Listen to it here:

Song 28: Said to be by Frances Ridley Havergal a prolific female hymnalist. Biography is here:

Song 29: Originally titled The Morning Cometh, but retitled Dawning Day. By Isaac B. Woodbury. Brief bio here:

Song 30: Originally titled Christ is Coming, but retitled Christ is Come! Original by John Ross MacDuff. Hymns of Millennial Dawn alters the first verse from "Christ is coming" to "Christ is Come." In a bit of plagerism, the song is attributed to Jessie G. Herr, a Bible Student. Listen to it here:

Song 31: Originally titled Christ the Lord is Risen Today, but retitled Christ's Resurrection. Original by Charles Wesley in the late 1700s. Some reworking in Hymns of Millennial Dawn. Listen to it here:


Anonymous said...

trying to find some information about John t Read who was a soloist and musical director was with russell on trans continental tour,also R.H.Hirsh one of the four former directors trying to a picture can you help, glad you are better

Anonymous said...

trying to find out something about john t read soloist and musical director to russell also a picture of r.h.hirsh one of the four former dicectors

B. W. Schulz said...

Sorry, I have little information about Read. There may be a photo in one of the convention reports. I'll look when I can.

I have less information about Hirsh.

Anonymous said...

just found some inform General Alexander peter stewart oct 2 1821 -aug 30 1908 died at age 87
russell took his funeral left assembly to do it
his soldiers called him old straigt that what his soldiers of tennessee called him. lost where I found this but got his picture from the wed hope this is of intrest

Anonymous said...

found web site
about general alexander peter stewart and russell at his funeral 1908. hope this of interest

Anonymous said...

I really love the old songbooks!I just found a hymn from the Hymns of Dawn that we still use in our current songbook("Sing to Jehovah")
Its number 58 (its words are like the number 277 in the hymns of Dawn)!!!!What a joy to discover that there is a connection between the old and the new gems of the Truth!!!!