Sunday, November 1, 2009


Bruce is doing some better. Unfortunately, uncle Bruce and aunt Shirley have continuing problems. Their car died. Bruce's computer crashed, and we lost all the chapters for the new book.

Fortunately almost all of that is saved as hard copy or is posted on this blog. It will take time to recover what was lost. A chapter on the events of 1881 is lost and will have to be recreated. Two other chapters are permanetly gone. This is a major blow to our research. We're both discouraged. Of these one will be easy to rewrite; the other will be very difficult to recreate because it was based on material we could not copy, only read on site. There are files of notes that have disappeared as well. There is no hope of recovery; so we'll repeat the very difficult research.

Our focus is on getting aunty and uncle back on their feet and functioning. We're trying to turn some of their small assets to cash. [This is NOT a request for money.] They need a servicable car, and there are about 140.00 in repairs to their computer.

Our thanks to those who expressed sympathy.

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