Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bits ...

Nelson Barbour’s last trip remains a puzzle. He traveled to Washington State in the company of Nancy W. Fuller. Nancy W. Fuller was born Nancy Woodward. She was born in New York about 1822 and married Joseph D. Fuller, a farmer from Schoharie, November 17, 1841.

Other than a record of land donation for a school, I know nothing further about Joseph D. Fuller. I do not know when Nancy met Nelson Barbour. By 1905 she was living in his apartment complex. I don’t know when she moved in the to Unique Flats complex. I’m working on that. Nancy returned his body to New York.

Nelson spent his last two months at “the residence of Mrs. J. E. Moore” in Tacoma, Washington. This modest house still stands, though it has been enlarged and updated.


Nancy W. Fuller died in Rochester in 1926, leaving an estate worth "several thousand dollars." She first appears as a resident of Barbour's appartment complex in the 1903 Rochester Directory.

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