Friday, April 23, 2010

From Jerome

The comment failed to post, and I'm reposting it as a main topic.

Hi Bruce

Posting this on your site rather than backchannel this time.

Sorry to hear that some have been photocopying your Barbour book. I have spread the word and know at least one collector who has bought a copy direct and enjoyed it. There may be a limited appeal, but this publication is unique.

Please don’t be discouraged about any lack of interest in a follow-up on Charles Taze Russell. Fredrick Zydek’s biography, while greatly flawed (shameless plug - see my review further down your blog) has already received seven write-ups on Amazon – so there is a much larger audience for this subject.

You say that if there is interest in your research needs, you’ll post a list. Please do! If readers know what you still need they may just be able to help. If they don’t know, either nothing will happen or you will be sent the same stuff you already have, time and time again.


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