Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How things stand ...

Our research is moving slowly. Prying material out of the hands of those who own it is very difficult, and there are details we want to present. So we're still working...

Our biography of Nelson Barbour is not selling particularly well. It doesn't help that it is being circulated in photocopy format. This is theft. If you photocopy it and send it to your friends, you deprive us of sales. It's especially irritating to get a phone call from someone who boasts about doing this as if it were a great favor to us.

We're glad you like the book. However, we finance additional research from the sales. You deprive us of income we need to purchase expensive photocopies or to pay interlibrary loan fees. I'm semi-retired. My income is very low. Please ... If your friends want to read it, let them purchase it.

We won’t stop our research, but we may not publish it except on this blog. We're weighing the interest shown in Nelson Barbour: The Millennium's Forgotten Prophet against the probable interest in any follow-up. Frankly, if we don't sell another four hundred copies by years end, it won't be worth the effort to publish a follow up. I hate to sound mercenary, but we do finance research this way. It's expensive. Some libraries have charged us nearly forty dollars for five pages of copy. Think about that.

I work against bad health; Rachael has commitments concerning a new novel. This has been a labor of love. But I cannot justify the time commitment if there is no interest. And at this point interest seems exceptionally low.

Can you help? We need research materials. Some of you have graciously sent it at your own cost. I appreciate that more than I can explain. If there is interest in our research needs, I'll post a list. You can promote the book on Barbour. Tell your friends and encourage them to buy the book. A few of you have done that. Thanks! At the very least, do not make photocopies of it and hand them out to your friends.

I'm discouraged. I haven't quit, but it's hard to keep going.

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Chris G. said...

Hello Bruce,
I sent a previous comment but it may not have gone thru so forgive me if I'm repeating anything here.

Can you tell us how many of the Barbour books have been sold to date? Also I may suggest contacting Stan Milosevic for a post on his site to bring more awareness to your book. He does not charge for this but he must be provided a copy of the book to review and photograph. It may help and assist in directing ones to the site on Lulu to purchase. I find his site extremely helpful. Please let me know if I can assist in any way with this. All the best, Chris. P.s.