Friday, July 23, 2010

John H. Paton and Family

Photo courtesy of a friend of this blog.

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Sherlock(JW1983) said...

Our subject has six children whose names are as follows: Henry W., George Wilber, Nora E., David W., Chrissie E., and Annie E. They were all born in Almont Township, with the exception of Henry W., who was born in Armada Township November 1, 1866. In 1880 Elder Paton published a book of three hundred and twenty-eight pages, entitled "Day Dawn," and in 1882 issued a revised edition. The first edition had four thousand copies, the second three thousand, and sold readily, and the third edition is now out, being revised and enlarged to four hundred pages. Mr. Paton also gets out a semi-monthly magazine which has been published since 1882. It is in pamphlet form and is entitled "The World's Hope." In 1882 he got out a work of two hundred and twenty pages, the first edition numbering two thousand. It was entitled "Moses and Christ," and the sales are still going on.

Mr. Paton is now President of the Larger Hope Publishing Company, which name is suggestive of the liberality of his religious views, and of his large hope for mankind.

- Lapeer-Macomb County MI Archives Biographies.....Paton, John H. 1854 -