Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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footnote in object and manner of our lord's return:

Another brother, also of the M. E. church, and for several years a professor in one of their principal colleges, being convenient to me, I called his attention to the above. After examining the text critically, he endorsed the above rendering, remarking that it was very peculiar; then happening to glance at the 46th verse of Matt. 24 he called my attention to the fact that the word there translated cometh is elthou , and signifies after He has come . Read verses 45 and 46 with this thought in mind. Is it possible that there will be faithful servants giving meat in due season after the Lord has come? It is so stated, and at that same time the evil servant will not be aware of His presence, (verse 50).

Who was this "brother ... of the M E. Church ... a professor"?


Anonymous said...

Storrs had been a Methodist minister, but not sure if he had been a professor.

B. W. Schulz said...

wouldn't have been storrs. this was in 1877, and storrs hadn't been a methodist for decades.