Monday, August 30, 2010

Can anyone help with this ...

I received the following email. I'm soliciting your help answering it:

Bruce: I am looking at the cemetery records for the Russell family in Alleganey, and I am not sure who some of the people are. I'm sure you already have this information. The lot (9 graves) is owned by James G. Russell and the names are listed as:

1. Mary Russell 9/6/86 (who is she?)
2. Charles T. Russell 12/26/75 (CTRs uncle)
3. James G. Russell 12/24/47 (who is he?)
4. Sarah A. Russell 12/14/46 (who is she?)
5. Joseph L. Russell 12/17/97 (CTRs Father)
6. Ann E. Russell 12/24/61 (CTRs Mother)
7. Joseph L. Russell Jr. 4/24/60 (CTRs Brother)
8. Lucinda H. Russell 7/2/58 (CTRs Sister)
9. Thomas B. Russell 8/11/55 (CTRs Brother)

Do you know why Emma Russell had Joseph laid to rest with his family in Allegheny, it is my understanding that they may have been living in Florida at the time.

One last point: I have copies of the original plat maps for the WTB&TS and Russell's properties in Allegheny, Joseph Russell's home on Cedar Street shows the owner as J. S. Russell WTB&TS (1907 map) who is J. S. Russell, should it be J. L. Russell? Thanks for you time with this


jerome said...

I have a family tree of the Russell family. I didn’t do the research, so cannot vouch for the accuracy, but it rings fairly true. It starts with Thomas and Fannie Russell. They had seven children between 1796 and 1813. Five of them at least came to Allegheny, following the original Charles Tays Russell, CTR’s Uncle. The other four were James, Sarah, Mary and Joseph Lytel. James G Russell (CTR’s Uncle) b. 1796 Ireland, died Dec 26, 1847 of paralysis may have bought the family plot, but that should be easy to check. His sister, Sarah, b. 1799 Ireland, died Dec 15, 1846 of consumption, was the first to be buried in it. Another sister, Mary Jane Russell (CTR’s aunt), died 1886 and was buried there. Then the original Charles Tays, b.1806 Ireland, immigrated 1822, died Dec 26, 1875 of hepatitis, was buried there. The final internment was Joseph Lytel who died Dec 17, 1897 of congestive abdoplexy. There seem to be a lot of deaths in December for the family.
The remaining two uncles/aunts of CTR were Fanny Russell, who married someone named Harper, and died in 1867 in Donegal, Ireland, and then Alexander G Russell, who died sometime in the 1870s in Orange Country NY.
I stress again, I have not personally done the research for this, but have no reason to doubt the details.
As to why Emma had Joseph laid to rest in the family plot with his first wife, and three of his children, Joseph died at the family home in Allegheny. He was either on a visit, or I suspect knew the end was near and came back from elsewhere to die in Allegheny. His funeral was reported in the Pittsburgh papers.

Sherlock(JW1983) said...

Thanks for the additional data. It appears that December was a very bad month for the adult Russell's as 5 of the 6 died in that month. The lot has 9 graves and all of them were filled with family members by the time of C. T. Russells will (1907) and death in 1916. This might be why he was buried with fellow Bible students at the Rosemont United Cemetery, as the WTB&TS owned 275 plots. 'I desire to be buried in the plot of ground owned by our Society, in the Rosemont United Cemetery, and all the details of arrangements respecting the funeral service I leave in the care of my sister, Mrs. M. M. Land, and her daughters, Alice and May, or such of them as may survive me."

jerome said...

I have checked back and my family tree for the Russells is also to be found in "The Bible Student Movement in the Days of C.T. Russell" by James Parkinson. The full tree gives descendants of various branches well into the twentieth century.