Saturday, September 4, 2010

Russell and Pirate Treasure

A fairly recent screed against Russell says: "Charles Tase [sic] Russell and his brother, as late as when we was in his early twenties, used to dig large holes in their yard and other pieces of property, searching for what the believed to be hidden pirate treasure."

This is silly, of course. But does anyone know the origin of this story?


Sherlock(JW1983) said...

Would that be his brother Thomas, who died when he was 5 in 1855? Did Thomas come back from the grave to help Charles (in his twenties) look for treasure? Charles would have been 3 when Thomas died. This story sounds very similar to the tale about Joseph Smith, of Mormon fame. Some people will not let Russell "RIP".

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a spin off from the history of Joseph Smith, jun. of mormon legend.