Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Russell in Boston - 1877

In answer to a question in the comments on an earlier post:

There is very little else in the way of direct testimony that bears on this period. An article in The Salt Lake, Utah, News suggested that “He came into prominence in New England in 1877, on account of his distinct views expressed on the punishment for sin.”[1] The Christian Globe told a similar story, saying that his work centered in Boston at the time.[2] This bit of detail must have come from Russell, but it is frustratingly absent context.

[1] Pastor Russell Comes Tomorrow, The Salt Lake News, June 20, 1911, reprinted in 1911 Convention Report. This was an advanced press release furnished by the Watch Tower Society and published in additional newspapers.
[2] Pastor Russell, The Christian Globe, May 5, 1910, as reprinted in Harvest Gleanings, volume 2, page 797.

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