Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Private Blog

The new blog has been partially formatted. There are no posts yet. We're still distracted by research, but we're moving updates and comments there soon. This will be an invitation only blog. If you have an interest in our research and wish to have access to the new blog you must do the following:

1. Establish a google or blogger account. There will be no totally anonymous posts. You will need an established name. It need not be your real name; in fact I would discourage that. Just create a "name" that tags your posts to an identity. I don't care what name you choose as long as it doesn't make me spit coffee on my computer screen. Even something like Poodle Walker is okay. Be inventive.

2. Send Bruce a short email explaining that you'd like access to the new blog. Tell us why. Be aware that if you use roadrunner and live in Brooklyn your access will be canceled. You know why. [Of course if you do use roadrunner and live in Brooklyn and are an innocent party, you can always try to convince us of your pure heart and golden intentions.]

His email is BWSchulz2 [at] yahoo. com.

There are several days of formatting ahead of us. I'm a bit ill and struggling through the formatting. So there is no huge hurry. There won’t be anything interesting over there for a few days.

This is an open ended invitation. Anyone who wants access can ask. I don’t see us refusing many. The same rules that exist here will exist there. Simply put they are 1. be nice and 2. be nice. For full details see previous “rules” posts.

Expect delays. There are always delays, right? So expect them. I have children to raise, goats to feed, students to annoy, a husband to beat with a stick (not really), a book going to trade paper in a few weeks, a writing partner to stress, and cookies to bake. Expect delays.


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