Saturday, March 19, 2011

Public Access

On a trial basis only, we're opening the private blog to public access. We believe the individuals whose bad behavior prompted us to create the private blog will not return. If they do, we'll take the blog private again.

Expect no new posts here. We're over here:


Anonymous said...

How may I access this blog? My great great grandfather was Peyton Bowman and there is discussion of him on the blog

B. W. Schulz said...

email me at BWSchulz2 @ yahoo. com

Wilson McElveen said...

My emailaccount says the foolwing meHello - My great great grandfather was Peyton Green Bowman. He was a Methodist I have been twice to Savannah Advent Church in Lee County where he and my great great grandmother are buried. He was the founder of this church,. My cousin, Avis Rupert, wrote a biography about him and I have been fascinated with his life story ever since. I am descended from his daughter, Agnes Cornelia Bowman Moore. I even have a daughter named Peyton. His son was a notorious character and is part of court room incident in which the man (George Tucker Haynsworth) who is credited with firing the first shot of the civil war was shot and killed in Sumter County, SC. I would love to have access to your blog to learn more about this.

Thank you -

Wilson A. McElveen, IIIssage will not transmit:

B. W. Schulz said...

you need to delete the spaces from my email. "" no spaces.