Sunday, August 28, 2011


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From Jenny Smith's Diary

November 1, 1878.—At Sister Clark's. Two more interesting days have passed. This has been a special privilege. Yesterday A. M. went to Dr. Tyng's church. Attended the convention met to discuss " The Second Coming of Christ;" was surprised to meet acquaintances from all parts of the land. Had the pleasure of meeting several with whom I have corresponded—Rev. H. L. Hastings, Dr. Charles Cullis and others. Brother Russell of Pittsburg, would have me take lunch with him. Note: The convention was the prophetic conference in New York. Thanks to Frank M. for pointing us to this reference.

Watchtower ASV

We have an extra copy of the Watchtower printed American Standard Bible. This is the first printing that still has the Thomas Nelson imprint on the title page with the Watch Tower imprint in the copyright page. It is much harder to find than the later printings with the Nelson imprint removed. It needs a good home. Contact me if you're interested. A donation to our research fund will probably make it yours. This is a used Bible. It appears unmarked, but shows wear. If you're interested let me know.

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