Saturday, February 25, 2012


This is an extract from a letter to the editor published in a Philadelphia newspaper in 1844. We need to locate the original. Can you help?

Some … were not looking for the destruction of the earth, nor for its complete physical renovation, at the present time; they looked for the introduction of the millennium by the personal coming of Christ to the earth; they think this will be the commencement of the promised restitution of all things, to be carried forward until all things shall be made new; they think that probation will close to those who have heard the gospel, but not so with the heathen and all those who have not heard of his fame; they think it will be the beginning of a new dispensation to the heathen, during which it will be emphatically true that the leaves of the tree of life will be for the healing of the nations. These were the published views of Geo. Storrs. … In these views they differed entirely from Mr. Miller and the great body of Advent believers in this country, but agreeing with the Literalists of England (Millennarians) …[1]

[1]           Wellcome, op. cit, page 382.

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jerome said...

Is it worth noting that this letter was written by Lewis C Gunn? Gunn is featured quite a bit in Nicol's "Midnight Cry" history, with quotes from various Philadelphia papers about the antics (real or imagined) of 1844 Millerites. However, haven't been able to find this specific quote in Nicol's book.