Monday, February 6, 2012

Wedding Bell Order

Dear Bruce,
From reading the first chapter of the "Pittsburgh tour" book, I noticed that he didn't know whether father or son Russell was the first to be married to an Ackley sister.
Probably you will know it, but if not, see the webpage

and you will find the contents of the 1880 Unite States census for C. T. Russel (sic).

He is married to Marie F Russell, his father lives in his house as Russel J. L. Russel (sic). And E H Ackly, single.

So the son married definitely first, and the father after the 1880 census.



jerome said...

Congratulations Ton for helping to solve a mystery, the solution of which has personally me personally for decades!

Clicking on Emma's name she comes up as step sister to head of household (CTR) and marital status, single.

What was the date of the census?

jerome said...

For the first "personally", read "eluded", unless someone can alter the post - written in haste and a little excitement.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...
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Ton Hollander said...

That's right Sherlock, the newspaper said:
Russell-Ackley-On Thursday evening, March 13, 1879, at the residence of the bride's.
(I have a copy of a clipping)