Friday, April 6, 2012

Good stuff ...

We sent a partially completed chapter off to Jan Stilson, a historian who writes about Arbrahamic Faith issues. The Abrahamic Faith congregations overlap Watch Tower history in the 1870-1900 period. Also called One Faith, Russell associated with them for some years. Her response was:

Rachael; I read this quickly, some parts more thoroughly than others. Wow. You have done extensive research and written a very thorough document. it is quite readable, not stuffy. I think all your analyses about the interactions of the Literalists, the Age to Come, the Various Adventists and Russell are spot on. I don't find anything to complain about. Also, you hit the nail on the head with David G*****. He has done extensive research but his analysis is not always to be trusted. I look forward to seeing the finished book.

Bruce sent the same material to a writer for a major religious magazine whose interest is in the same area as ours. He made favorable comments too. We can't reproduce them because of confidentiality issues. But we are happy to have them.

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