Friday, October 19, 2012

The sort of documentation we use ...

Letter from H. Randle, Missionary Doctor in China, resigning his appointment.


TallMidget said...

Hard to imagine the mental turmoil this man went through.

After dedicating his life to one form of Christianity (to the extent of moving to the other side of the world spread his convictions to others) only to have his spiritual world turned upside down after reading Russell.

Did the scales fall immediately - would have made writing this letter easier? Or did he wrestle with conflicting ideas during the long nights?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Randle tells his story in a letter found in the May 1, 1900, issue of Zion's Watch Tower. You can find this online. You will find it interesting.

TallMidget said...

You are a mischeivous little pixie!
May 1, 1900, eh? Ha!

But donning a deerstalker I tracked the missive down...eventually.

However, one's faith in the 'accuracy' of this historial research has been shaken by the experience. :-)

A slow burner of a conversion then - and interesting that 'turning the tap on the Trinity' doctine was singled out as a main factor (and not 'the turning of the hose on hell').