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I have an hour or so before I go teach my one class of the day. I’m using it to organize the mass of photocopies we received. There are maybe 200 pages, but little of it is useful for our work in progress. However, it will be useful for book three in this series.

Some short newspaper articles give names of those active in the movement, many of which are new to me.

There is an Alexander Graham of Summerville, Minnesota. I’ve never heard of him. Eventually, I’ll hunt him down. He shows up in an article from September 23, 1899.

J. H. Moffatt of Micanopy, Florida, was giving Bible lectures in 1904.

An Elder Staples and Charles N. Friend preached alternate Sundays in Richmond, Virginia, in 1901.
This one is confusing. Two Charles N. Friends, both near Richmond. One was  a druggist, the other a minister. The one we want lived in Chester VA in 1901.

Elder appears to be a first name instead of a title.

George Ceariners (or Geariners) held meetings in his home in Houston, Texas, in 1896.

C. R. Raymond of Cleveland, Ohio, lectured in St. Louis in 1903.

J. A. Gillespie was lecturing in Omaha in 1912.

Samuel Williams lectured in Huston in 1903.

S. J. Arnold was in Marietta, Ohio, to lecture in March 1900.

N. W. Mottinger led the congregation in Akron, Ohio, in 1902.
This is Noah W. Mottinger, born in Ohio in 1846 and died in Ohio in 1907. He was a Civil War veteran.

"Evangelists Williams and Howel" lectured in Houston, Texas, in 1902.
Howel is John (Jonathan) Marshman Howell, a horticulturalist and carpenter. (1849-1925). We think but don't know for certain, that Williams is A. E. Williams.

T. H. Lloyd was advertising Millennial Dawn in Salem, Oregon, in 1896.
This is Thomas H. Lloyd, a carpenter (stairbuilder), born in wales in 1851 and died in Salem, Oregon in 1901.

George H. Draper of Conde, South Dakota, lectured in Minnesota in 1908.

Mr. Anderson held meetings in his "studio" in Huston, Texas, in 1896.

J. Wyndetts was an adherent living in Huston, Texas, in 1899.

J. O. Sandberg of Grants Pass, Oregon, placed an ad for a lecture in 1904.
Appears to be the John O Sandberg burried in the Fox Valley, Linn County, Oregon Cemetery. Birth and death years are given as 1846-1926.

G. W. Hessler, a carpenter, was an adherent in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in 1898.

Mrs. N. E. Rolison was secretary of the congregation in Elmira, NY, in 1911.

D. W. McClay of Schenectady was lecturing in 1905.

Fredrick Clapham opened his home up for meetings in Albany, New York, in 1900.

Morgan T. Lewis of Cohoee was lecturing in New York in 1900.

James G. Hill was lecturing in Yonkers in 1908

Maurice McKinny was lecturing in Elmira, New York, in 1905.

This list continues to grow … I can see lots and lots of hard, detailed research in my future.


jerome said...

From Parkinson's history of the Bible Student movement:

George H. Draper of Conde, S.D., from 1904 to 1916 visited classes everywhere throughout the U.S.
and from Saskatchewan to Ontario.

You might find some more names from this source.

Ton Hollander said...

Charles N Friend: Did you mean ChesterFIELD, VA instead of Chester??