Friday, August 16, 2013

In volume 2

We consider the nature and formation of early congregations in volume 2. They struggled with a name. Russell's early exposure to One Faith/Age-to-Come belief (adherents of millenarianism as connected to The Restitution, a religious newspaper) led him to reject names beyond "Christians" or "Church of God." Individual congregations adopted a variety of names. One of these was "Church of the Firstborn." That name lead to confusion because a predominately Black church used it. In New York State several congregations used the name "Church of the Little Flock." In that connection we present this article taken from the Broome, New York, Republican, November 9, 1901. You may have to click on the image to view the entire article.

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jerome said...

From ZWT for January 1, 1902

Dear Brother Russell:

How I long to see you. I have had a big fight and gained a glorious victory. I send you my article prepared for the Conference. I had a hard time to get a hearing, as my name was called before I reached the seat of Conference. Had I been there then I could have had the floor; but after that it was difficult. After pressing the matter they allowed me five minutes to speak and I read rapidly until I reached the sentence, "Thy Kingdom come," two thirds through, and there the Bishop called me to order. He said I had used up six minutes and I asked for an extension of time but could not get it. (They had enough.) So I asked our own City Editor if he would like to publish it and he consented.

There was a great surprise I assure you, at Syracuse Conference, when I withdrew from it and gave my reasons even partially. I commenced giving out tracts— until all were gone. When I gave one I said, "Read that carefully, when you are all alone." I have a good many old friends in the Conference and Church (Nominal), but thanks be to God, I am the Lord's free man. Some have asked me what church I am going to unite with, and my answer is the "Church of the first born, whose names are written in heaven."

Yours in love, B. F. WEATHERWAX,--New York