Thursday, October 24, 2013

One of our blog readers needs some help

Hi Bruce,

I am hoping you can furnish the birthdays of two individuals. They are G.H. Fisher and Menta Sturgeon. Please let me know if you have their birthdates.


ramblinwaymore said...

Without pinpointing an exact month, Federal Census records indicate Menta Sturgeon was born in Missouri in 1866.
In the 1920 Federal Census, Fisher is listed as 50 yrs of age. He stated in the 1918 trial that he was born in Albany, New York.

jerome said...

I don't know if an obituary of Sturgeon in any newspaper might give his date of birth, or maybe a burial register perhaps.

From the Concordant magazine Unsearchable Riches' obituary:

OUR BELOVED BROTHER MENTA STURGEON departed this life Saturday evening, August 17, 1935.

An impressive service was held in Pittsburgh, Monday evening, August 19, and next morning he was lovingly laid to rest in the South Side Cemetery, a beautiful place overlooking the southern portion of the city.

(end of abridged quote)

Ton Hollander said...

George Herbert Fisher, 30 years old, married Hattie Brown King, 19 years, both of Scranton, Pa, thursday February 8, 1900, house, (not "church")so he was born 1869 or early 1870.
According to the New York census of June 1, 1925 he was 54, and his wife, now called Harriet B. Fisher, 45.
Then he must be born late 1870 or early 1871.
According to the 1920 (January 12) Brooklyn census he was 50 and she 39, so he was probably born 1869 in NY state.

Bernd Brabenec said...

G.H.Fisher is born: Jan,10 1870 in Albany, N.Y. and died July, 30 1926 in Manhattan, N.Y.
He was a assistant teacher in the high school, Ashbourne, Penn., 1893-4